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Why are there two sides to your store? What is the difference between Market and Meal side? *Important*

Sometimes software can be tricky. Our original Grab N' Go online ordering store doesn't allow for the needed lead preparation times to prepare groceries and cook bulk ingredients, so we had to make a separate store for such offerings. 

Market Side: We need the time to prepare all our offerings, so our market side is strictly for placing scheduled orders for Saturday/Sunday pick-up or delivery. This also limits your ordering window to Thursdays at Midnight, if you miss this ordering window, you will be subject to the following weeks pickup/delivery. This process allows us to offer a wide variety of products such as cooked ingredients sold by the pound, raw groceries, full meal menu, and subscription services.

Meal Side: If you are an existing customer, this may be the online ordering platform you are used to. This is strictly for individually prepared meals only. The main difference is you do not have to wait to get your meals, you may choose to pick them up ASAP, if desired, whenever the store is open. This process limits us to offer only meals we have previously prepared and cooked.

Is this a subscription service? Are there minimums?

We don’t lock you in to a weekly subscription unless you want to! In our "Market Side" you may elect to create a subscription based on the items in your cart! There are zero minimums unless you want to get delivery, only then the minimum will be $40. Order when and exactly how many you want! Cool right?!

Do I have to preorder? Or can I just come in and pick my meals?

You have to preorder for bulk ingredients and our grocery market, however, You may walk in to our store anytime we are open, order at one of our kiosks, and leave with your meals on the spot! We always suggest you preorder to have everything bagged up and waiting for you, but isn’t required!

How long do the meals last?

We air tight seal our trays so meals will last seven days after cooked and sealed. We suggest planning for 5-6 days for optimal freshness.

Are there any discounts on bulk orders?

No, however, we do have a loyalty rewards program that saves you money in the end! Make sure to sign up for it at checkout or at one of our kiosks!

How much do the meals cost?

Our affordable prices range from $7.49 to $11.99

Do you use healthy ingredients?

Yes! Organic and natural ingredients from a local provider!

Do you make custom meals?

No we do not, however, actively working towards launching a ‘build your own’ meal menu!

Is the not so naked menu not healthy?

Nope! Just as healthy but with a little more flavor to give you some variety!

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! There is a $40 minimum and a $0.50 per mile fee! We deliver across all of tucson every Saturday morning.

Can I recycle my trays?

Our trays are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable! Refreshing, right?!

What is the preferred method of reheating?  

Instructions are located on the label itself, however, we highly recommend using the oven, the quality tends to be way better! You may also use the microwave. Remember to take the seal off first!

Are the meals freezer safe?

Absolutely! Just remember to thoroughly de-thaw the meal first. Also know that quality loss may happen when freezing.

How often does the menu rotate?

Every 4 weeks!

Am I able to dine-in at the store?

Absolutely! We even use a turbochef blast oven to reheat, giving you the best quality product!

How much food do I get with each meal?

Approximately 5oz of protein, 4 oz of carbs, and 3.5oz of veggies. Human error may occur and all portions are not exact!